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     Chicken Dumpling Soup  |  $ 170
Sous vide chicken, ratatouille with butter and soy and unleavened bread biscuit

    Tomato soup  |  $ 115
Italian tomato, red pepper, and herbs


     Caesar Salad Deli Style  |  $ 235
Romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, sous vide chicken, lemon zest, parmesan cheese, served with sourdough crouton.

    Green Salad   |  $ 80  Goat Cheese + $ 40Chicken + $ 60   Gravlax + $ 60
Mixed greens with cilantro, serrano chili, and a lemon and mint vinaigrette

    Roasted Beet  |  $ 160
Roasted beet and carrot salad with goat cheese, and orange, topped off with balsamic vinegar and sunflower seeds and fennel oil.

    Tuna Salad  |  $ 185
Albacore tuna with lemon and sriracha mayonnaise with heirloom tomatoes and herbs


    Smashed burger  |  Regular $ 190  |  Double $ 255
Angus brisket patty mixed with American Cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, garlic mayo topped with yuzu pickles, all in a soft burger bun


     Picaña, mashed potatoes y salvia   |  $ 390 
300gr. of Angus coulotte cooked in sous vide. With mashed potatoes, gravy with sage, pickle mustard and asparagus
      Extra Cheesy Mac & Cheese 
  |  classic $ 185  |  truffled $ 220  

Topped off with a parmesan and parsley crust with green onions

    Falafel  |  $ 190
Fried chickpea dumplings served over hummus, cucumber, and mint, tahini sauce, with heirloom cherry tomatoes and pickled cabbage with mint with pita bread

    Salmon Yamel recipe   |  $ 360
On a bed of mashed potatoes, with white wine sauce and vegetables of the season

    Chicken Parmesan  |  $ 260
Confit chicken thigh, crusted with Parmesan, lemon butter, and vegetables of the season.

    Grilled Chicken Poblano  |  $ 190
Organic grilled chicken breast, green salad and avocado with poblano chili sauce

Extras   ~

french fries $ 65  |  1 fried egg $ 15  |  avocado $ 25

For combos, the portions differ from the actual size of the meal if ordered alone. All of our prices include taxes. Service and gratuity are not included.



    Grilled cheese  |  $ 170
American Cheddar and Monterey Jack melted between two slices of brioche bread served with tomato soup

    Onion grilled cheese   |  $ 180
Parmesan, Swiss cheese, and cream cheese with caramelized onion, all melted between two slices of brioche bread, served with fries and pickled mustard gravy

    Pastrami Sandwich   |  $ 280
125 grams of Angus pastrami cured and smoked, deli mustard, and deli-style bread served with fries 


New York Combo

~ $ 395 ~

Pastrami sandwich
Cheesecake square
Soda or Tea


    Pastrami Reuben  |  $ 440
200 grams of Angus pastrami cured and smoked, served on deli-style bread with deli mustard, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing

    Short Rib Sandwich   |  $ 480
Juicy Angus short rib topped with carrot and habanero cream, herbal mix in between homemade ciabatta, served with truffled fries

    Turkey & Serrano ham  |  $ 235
Turkey & serrano sandwich on ciabatta with yuzu pickles, herbal mix, tomato, and herb mayo

    Bagel & lox   |  $ 215
Salmon curated in mezcal with tomato, caper cream cheese, and lettuce on a sesame seed bagel

    Tuna salad sandwich   |  $ 185
With Swiss cheese, lettuce, and sriracha aioli over rye bread


    Latkes  |  $ 120
Three shredded potato pancakes served with sour cream and green onions 

    Hummus   |  $ 155
Homemade hummus pepper, olive oil, roasted pepper, with pita bread

    Truffle fries  | $ 110 | with pastrami $ 160
French fries with parmesan cheese and truffle aioli

Extras   ~

french fries $ 60 |  1 fried egg $ 15 | avocado $ 25

For combos, the portions differ from the actual size of the meal if ordered alone. All of our prices include taxes. Service and gratuity are not included.

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